Kennedy Rapudo Responds to Domestic Violence Accusations by Amberay

Social media is a buzz about the separation of Amberay and Kennedy Rapudo. This is following a post made by Faith Makau popularly known as Amberay alleging to domestic violence by Fiancé Kennedy Rapudo.

As it is tradition by most celebrity couples to fake separation to gain more traction, the accusations made by Amberay are not a topic one should joke about.

The couple has been on this before causing a stir for the third time implying that their relationship is over.

Amberay made a series of posts claiming she had been physically abused.

“I have been in that environment for a while now, and my peace and safety have made it impossible for me to stay. I know it will be a long couple of days/weeks for me, but I’d rather be at peace inside than project a false haven on the outside. I’d rather speak my truth than let gossip tarnish what I have built for me and my family thus far. Things in my household have not been okay… but they will be. My family will be okay. And eventually, I will be okay. I have always been a champion for love and marriage, knowing too well the joys of having a family. Having kids that look up to you, cherish and adore you because all you can do is give them what you never had, plus much more”

Kennedy Rapudo has finally responded to the accusations.

“There’s been so much activity concerning my marriage in the public domain these last couple of days, Like any other marriage, we’ve had our moments of ups and downs and ours isn’t perfect either. A lot has been said but I’ve not had the strength to address itYes, we’ve separated over an incident that happened while we were both drunk on that night of 13th this month. It’s an event that should have never happened and I feel very sorry and in deep regret that it happened mostly to the person that I swore to protect and love with all that I hadWhat caught me by surprise is the manner in which the writer chose her words! One single isolated incident doesn’t mean that I’m a violent person-I’ve never been and I’ll never be! I’m raising two beautiful girls and I will never advocate for any domestic violence or gender-based violence.”I am man enough to admit when I’m in the wrong and on this particular incident, I was in the wrong but it doesn’t change who I am. I will continue to raise my children the best way I can and fight for my family off the media. To the mother of my beautiful daughter, I am deeply sorry and sincerely regret my actions in that moment of weakness. XoXO

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