Pauline Njoroge Opens Up on Loss of Unborn Twins

Digital and Political Communications Pro Pauline Njoroge penned down an emotional message on Mother’s Day.

She narrated how her joy was short-lived when she lost her unborn twins.

“Not long ago I carried twins in my womb and they brought me the most fulfilling joy. Those few months made part of my life’s happiest days, and I was ever smiling. One of my close friends even nicknamed me Mama Happiness. Losing my unborn children crashed me”

The HSC awardee added how devastating it was having to keep a brave face while mourning in secret.

Pauline noted that women leaders are held in high regard not allowing them to display emotions, “Out here I kept a strong face because sometimes as women and leaders, we do not have the luxury of breaking down in public no matter what is happening internally.”

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